How Do Freight Broker And Dispatcher Get A License In California?

Freight broker and dispatcher

The trucking industry needs a dynamic workforce to operate the endless number of moving parts it contends with daily. Freight broker and dispatcher plays a crucial role within your fleet. They can assist bridge the gap between customers, drivers, and owner-operators in scaling and managing your fleet. They scout load boards, discovering opportunities with various shippers that … Read more

How One Can Search For Freight Brokers Looking For Owner Operators?

Freight brokers looking for owner operators

If you are starting as an owner-operator, it can take time to search for a steady source of loads and a lot of cold calling. Some truckers may find truck loads through personal networks or signing contracts, but these are not the only options available. Thankfully, technology has made finding Freight brokers looking for owner operators faster … Read more

How Does One Get A Customs Broker Freight Forwarder License?

Customs broker freight forwarder

Importing and exporting are key fundamental for many profitable businesses. International shipping could present great business opportunities for you, but may also seem astounding. If you have not heard about the term “customs broker freight forwarder” before, you may be a little confused. Is it a shipping company? A distribution manager? An importing and exporting partner?  This … Read more

How Do Shippers List For Freight Brokers Acquiesce Logistics?

Shippers list for freight brokers

Shipping is an interesting and convoluted industry, which means that independent freight brokers have a lot on their plate. One of the most arduous aspects of freight brokerage is securing shippers or long-term clients. Establishing, maintaining, and growing your customer base needs a reasonable amount of time and commitment. The ones on your shippers list … Read more

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